Gramex is the only independent beverage company in South East Europe with cold aseptic production dedicated solely to PET-bottled drinks. Aseptic cold fill bottling is becoming increasingly popular as consumers want less or no preservatives in their beverages and other foods. Aseptic cold filling helps preserve the nutrients in the beverages, does not allow for spoilage of products and keeps them safe for consumption for long periods of time, without the need for chilling or maintaining a specific temperature. It also ensures a better tasting product with all the nutrients intact. When you put an aseptic product in an aseptic bottle under aseptic conditions, you increase the shelf life of the product without adding harmful chemicals and low contamination risk. Our aseptic filling machine can handle up to XX,000 bottles per hour. The unit is designed for aseptic bottling of any kind of beverage, whether low or high acid: fruit juices, teas, isotonic beverages, and carbonated soft drinks without preservatives.

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