Contract filling
We are the leading specialists in aseptic beverage filling in Central Europe

Aseptic filling expertise

Over the past twenty years we have made significant investment in aseptic beverage filling both in terms of technology and developing our expertise. We offer our contract filling partners the latest technology together with years of experience and know how.

From basic filling to full supply chain service Gramex Drinks powers your beverage vision

At Gramex Drinks we provide contract filling services for a range of clients from international beverage brand owners to local start ups and entrepreneurs. We can provide a simple filling service through to complete supply chain solutions.

Products to meet every need

We offer a wide variety of soft drinks, flavoured water, sport drinks, fruit drinks and other beverages, manufactured to individual customer specifications and requirements. We can fill your recipe or develop a customised recipe to meet your requirements.

All types of PET packaging are available to meet your specific needs

PET bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate, known as PET, is a strong and light form of polyester. PET bottles are ideal for carbonated soft drinks because they prevent leakage of carbon dioxide. This keeps the beverage fizzy. PET is widely recognised as a safe, strong and flexible material. Our bottle sizes range from 0,33 litre to 2 litre. PET bottles can be fully recycled.

Aseptic PET

Together with aseptic technology PET bottles are used to fill drinks without the use of preservatives. We can fill a wide range of aseptic products in PET bottles including fruit juices, iced tea, flavoured water and sports drinks.

Logistics are part of our offer

We also provide our clients with total supply chain solutions. This includes procurement of raw materials and packaging, product development, production warehousing and transportation.


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